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Epic Instagram Selfies Taken After Sex

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Insane and Eye-Popping Facts About Vaginas

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What the fuck do you mean I can’t sext you because it’s Easter

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My boy ♥
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Transformation Tuesday. I hope this post shows everyone how much makeup can do. This isn’t a post to call people ugly because they do or don’t wear makeup. Whether you wear it or not, you are beautiful the way you are. Recently, I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my looks. Sadly, 99% of the time I’ve received these compliments was while I was wearing a full face of makeup. It makes me sad when people say things to me like “I wish I was as pretty as you”. I look at makeup as a hobby, almost like an art. As you can see, you can do so many different things with it. Makeup is a way to enhance your beauty and show your creativity. Maybe your creativity is with fashion, singing, dancing, or song writing. Everyone has different talents and things about them, which make them unique and beautiful in their own way. Comparing yourself to others isn’t fair to yourself at all because you will never be able to find someone who is just as unique as you are. 
Next time you see someone who you think is unattractive because they aren’t wearing makeup, don’t have their hair done, or aren’t wearing a certain type of clothes, instead try thinking about their talents and what actually does define them as beautiful. Beauty is a quality that is internal, I wish more people would realize that. 
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